Florida Business Attorney Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami

What is a Business Attorney?

When starting a business in Florida, there are many crucial factors that may determine the success or failure of your business venture. There are two professionals that every start-up business should hire: an accountant and a business attorney. A business attorney in Orlando, Jacksonville, or Miami will help you with every aspect of business and corporate law matters including:

– Business Attorney Orlando | Florida Business Lawyer Jacksonville, Miami, Florida | Boyer Law Firm, PL         Business formation and organization
–          Business Negotiations
–          Business Planning
–          Transactional Contract Law
–          Acquisitions and Mergers
–          Divestiture and sale of businesses
–          Business Litigation
–          Environmental law in regards to business
–          Intellectual Property Law
–          Labor and Civil Law

Why Should You Hire a Business Attorney?

Many small businesses will wait until they are being sued to hire an attorney. By this time, it is too late. If you hire a business law attorney to assist you from the start, he can help you to make sure that your form the right type of business entity, ensure that procedures are put into place to avoid lawsuits, protect the owners’ personal assets, create contracts, and much more.

Our Florida business attorneys in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami, Florida can guide you through the practical and legal obligations of running a business, help you get ahead in the corporate world, and guide and protect you each step of the way.

As a business person, you need to focus your time and effort on running your business. From the start, it is wise to have a deal-making, business-oriented attorney on your side. Attorney Boyer has a degree in Business Administration and he has previously worked in the retail and wholesale industries. The firm also has numerous business clients ranging from small start-ups to established, multi-national business entities.

Learn more about a few of the practice areas relating to business that we can assist you with from the list below, or contact us today if you do not see your issues listed:

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