Debt Collection For Creditors

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Boyer Law Firm represents creditors in collection matters in Florida by providing aggressive, quality legal representation. We handle all stages of commercial and consumer debt-enforcement, including issuance of demand letters, post-foreclosure or post-judgment examinations, asset seizures, and liquidation. No matter what phase of the collection process you are in, Boyer Law Firm can help.

We are equipped to handle any disputes that may arise under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the Florida consumer credit law, or the common law of contracts. We represent all creditors, including banks, credit card companies, business owners, business professionals, and more.

Boyer Law Firm works closely with our clients in order to understand their debt recovery objectives, including their comfort level with civil litigation and post judgment measures, such as wage garnishments and asset seizures. We also work with them to discover the collection approach that best fits their needs. Our experience and understanding of Florida commercial and consumer debt collection allows us to aggressively pursue your objectives and maximize the likelihood that your judgment will be paid.

Some Ways a Judgment Can Be Enforced

–          Levy and attachment of real estate
–          Garnishment of wages
–          Placing and enforcing liens on debtor’s property
–          Replevin (recovering possession of personal property)
–          Conducting post-judgment discovery to locate assets

Some Examples of Collection Cases We Have Handled

–          Enforcement of personal guaranty or pledge
–          Unsecured loans and private financing agreements
–          Open vendor accounts for small businesses to major corporations
–          Consumer debt on behalf of banks, retailers, credit card issuers, and purchasers and assignees of credit card accounts
–          Bank loans secured by inventory, accounts receivable, motor vehicles, farm equipment, crops, real estate, or investment securities
–          Fraudulent conveyances
–          Fraud or misrepresentation on a loan application

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