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10 Facts About Florida Wills

Here are some Florida will facts you may not know…

  1. The Florida Supreme Court has a program in which lawyers are board-certified as specialists in the area of wills, trusts, and estate law.
  2. A person age 18 or older is of legal age to make a will.
  3. Florida law presumes a person to be of sound mind unless proved otherwise, and proof requires a fairly high standard.
  4. Florida does not recognize handwritten or joint wills.
  5. Mutual wills are an option in Florida but are best for couples who do not have children.
  6. Florida does not recognize nuncupative or deathbed wills.
  7. You can set up a trust for an animal’s care. Florida recognizes a vehicle for this known as the Florida pet trust.
  8. A prior will is only revoked by a new will to the extent the new will expressly states it revokes the prior will and is inconsistent with the prior will.
  9. A lost will is generally presumed to have been revoked by the testator.
  10. A will provision granting anything to a spouse is expressly revoked by statute once the parties are separated with intent to be permanently divorced, or their marriage is divorced, dissolved, or annulled.

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