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10 Florida Laws that Passed or Failed in 2016

10 Florida Laws that Passed or Failed in 2016This year, numerous laws went before the Florida Senate and the House of Representatives. However, only a fraction of those proposed laws were actually passed. Below are the Boyer Law Firm picks for the top 10 Florida laws that passed or failed in 2016.


Bills that PASSED

1. Immigration KidCare: A bill that allows immigrants who have been lawfully residing in the United States less than 5 years to be insured under the state and federal KidCare program failed, but the measure is included in the budget implementation bill. Provides eligibility for optional payments for medical assistance & related services for certain lawfully residing children; clarifies that undocumented immigrants are excluded from eligibility for optional Medicaid payments or related services; provides appropriation.

2. School Choice: A bill that allows public school students to attend any school in the state that has space available and also allows high school athletes to transfer schools and have immediate eligibility, and more provisions, passed.

3. Medical Marijuana: A bill that legalizes medical marijuana for people who have terminal illnesses, expands the number of licensed growers after customer base reaches 250,000, passed.

4. Holocaust Memorial: A bill that creates a Florida Holocaust Memorial on state Capitol grounds passed.

5. Alimony: A bill that creates new formulas for calculating alimony and that ends lifetime alimony payments and also sets the premise that children in divorce cases should spend half their time with each parent passed.

Bills that FAILED

6. Ride-Sharing Companies:Uber is here to stay! A bill that would prevent local governments from regulating or banning ride-sharing mobile apps (like Uber) and would set insurance requirements failed.

7. Standardized Testing: A bill that allows school districts and parents to choose alternative standardized tests for their students in lieu of the Florida Standards Assessments (the new FCAT).

8. Computer Coding: A bill that requires high schools to allow students to count computer-coding classes toward foreign language credits failed.

9. Open Primaries: A bill that allows voters with no party affiliation to vote in the primaries, including races with write-in candidates, failed.

10. Red Light Cameras: A bill that bans local governments from using red-light cameras at intersections.

If you’d like to know more about the laws that passed (or failed) let us know. We’d be happy to explain or discuss them with you.

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