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2017 Business Planning Appointments Available

2017 Business Planning Appointments AvailableBoyer Law Firm is pleased to announce that it is now taking appointments for 2017 business planning sessions! The 2017 business planning appointments available to you may also be tax deductible if a payment is made on or before December 31, 2016.

Consider making a business planning appointment if you:

  • are a Florida business owner needing a new company model or an opinion of operations,
  • are planning to start a business in Florida in the next year or two,
  • are a Florida company looking to downsize or increase in size within the next year,
  • would like to discover any potential legal problems with your existing business,
  • would like to create a Florida branch of your business,
  • would like to transfer a foreign executive or other employee to a U.S. branch of a company, or
  • would like to improve day-to-day and large scale aspects of your business concept or actual business

A business planning session can help accomplish these goals in a secure and professional manner.

At our exceptional business planning sessions, depending on your unique business, an experienced business law attorney will provide:

  • Comprehensive legal business audit
  • Comprehensive business checkup
  • Business brainstorming
  • A comprehensive list of non-legal services your business may need
  • Access to our professional network of contacts, including banks, brokers, CPA’s, and other professionals you may need

An experienced business attorney is also able to discuss your unique legal issues to determine whether your issues even require a business planning session.

Our firm has had clients with a variety of situations which require a business plan. For example, many investor visas require a business plan as part of the immigration process. Also, entrepreneurs who wish to purchase a business would probably need business planning services combined with contract drafting and reviewing and real estate closing services.

Plus, get in this year to deduct expenses from your federal income taxes!

Participate in a business planning session by December 31 and the attorney’s fees paid will likely be tax-deductible for purposes of filing federal income taxes for the 2016 taxable year.

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