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Background Checks Not Always Accurate

Background Checks Not Always Accurate: A number of cases have surfaced in the past 10 years or so where people applied for jobs and the employers rejected their applications because the background checks uncovered criminal pasts. The problem for some of those people is that the backgrounds that turned up were not theirs. In the digital age, it has become easy for people to access data. It has also become easy for those who access certain data to sell it to others. This is the foundation of the problem.

Beware: Background Checks Not Always Accurate

When companies access information through the internet or buy information from a state’s records, they can then release that information to employers for background checks or sell it to another company. Often times the information will be transferred a number of times and can become outdated or incorrect because of problems with the initial information or updates to the information are not performed. Presently, there is no uniform system requiring companies to update the information and as a result, there is no system in place to enforcement companies to update the information. This problem has been around for years and may be growing.

A number of cases have settled in favor of victims of bad information received by employers conducting background checks. If you feel you have been a victim to the release of bad information to a potential employer, please call Boyer Law Firm.

For more information on this topic please read the full article:;_ylc=X3oDMTNubHQwMDdsBF9TAzExODMzMTE5OTIEYWN0A21haWxfY2IEY3QDYQRpbnRsA3VzBGxhbmcDZW4tVVMEcGtnAzJmNjk4NmVjLTNiNjEtM2Y0NS04ODJmLTI4NjBmZGFiYmIzZQRzZWMDbWl0X3NoYXJlBHNsawNtYWlsBHRlc3QD;_ylv=3

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