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Best Industries to Start a Business in the US and Florida has named the 18 best industries to start a business in the US and Florida.Best Industries to Start a Business | Florida Business Attorney Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami

  1. Candy: The candy business is almost recession-proof. In fact, Snickers, Tootsie Pops, and 3 Musketeers all launched during the Great Depression.
  2. iPhone Apps: To date, companies have produces more than 30,000 applications ranging from games to practical tools.
  3. Health-Care Technology: This industry is helping to streamline patient care through digitized medical records, e-prescription programs, online hospital communication and much more.
  4. Beer, Wine, and Liquor: Another recession-proof business. If you need help with beer, wine, or liquor licensing, Boyer Law Firm can help.
  5. Software as a Service: Software and data being hosted through a cloud service is expected to grow 20 percent this year.
  6. Home Health Care: This is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to nursing homes for the baby boomer generation.
  7. Yoga Products and Services: Nearly 14 million Americans say a doctor or therapist has recommended yoga to them.
  8. Technical and Trade Schools: Many young Americans and Floridians are foregoing the typical college experience and entering trade schools instead in order to get a better job faster.
  9. Fast-Casual Dining: This new segment of the food service industry falls between fast food and full-service dining.
  10. Green Construction: Consumers have an increased focus on sustainable homes and government environmental initiatives
  11. Niche Consulting: If you are an expert on a specific area. The areas that are particularly in demand are saving money, minimizing financial losses and public relations damage control.
  12. Education Technology: A government stimulus bill is the big motivator behind this industry that is bringing technology into the classroom.
  13. Temporary Staffing Firms: Although many companies are reducing the number of people they employ, some agencies, especially those who specialize in part-time staffing, are doing particularly well.
  14. Government Services: Two-thirds of $23 billion the government has allocated to individual states will be invested into projects including transportation, broadband technologies, clean water, and more.
  15. Accounting Services: Small and Independent firms are increasingly in demand, and profit margins can be high in this industry.
  16. Repair Services: From homes to cars, more people are choosing to repair their possessions rather than buy new ones.
  17. Self-improvement: Americans spend over $11 billion each year on self-improvement products and services.
  18. Energy: Companies that specialize in solar energy and alternative fuels are becoming increasingly in demand, as well as those that install efficient lighting systems or cut down heating costs with solar panels.

If you want to start a business in any of these industries, or one that is not listed here, contact Boyer Law Firm today. We can help you with everything from the initial planning stages to running, maintaining and growing your business.

If you are a foreign investor, starting a business in one of these industries could lead to a E2 or EB5 visa.

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