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Big Law Firm, Big Bills, Same Result?

Big Law Firm’s in town are charging a pretty penny for litigation cases, in particular cases were the matter is uncontested. Smaller law firms, like Boyer Law Firm, charge a reasonable hourly rate compared to the $410.00 an hour in the Big law firm.

Big law firms are for certain types of cases, such as if your case involved complex security laws, major multi-district litigation or a multi-million dollars merger and acquisition deal. Big law firms are the result of the aggregation of knowledge in one place, often times, at the request and to serve the need of Corporate America, i.e. Ford Co., Coca-Cola etc… They are not designed around small businesses nor individuals, at least nor the typical individual whatever this means.

See below for a copy of some of the bills stated in pleadings recorded in Duval County for essentially an uncontested matter, meaning no discovery, no “court fights” etc…

Big Law Firm, Big Bills, Same Result? Big Law Firm, Big Bills, Same Result?

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