Boyer Law Helps Foreign Investor Enter Florida

Boyer Law Firm has successfully helped Client R., who is a foreign investor, to enter the Florida business landscape. We have been able to assist this client invest in real estate in Florida. Since our initial dealings with this client we have continually assisted him in all his legal matters. We now assist Client R....


Boyer Law Achieves Favorable Client Settlement

Boyer Law Achieves Favorable Client Settlement: Client S was in the process of purchasing her dream home in Florida. Client S fell into a trap where her realtor, mortgage broker and notary deceived Client. Essentially, through fraud she was misled into paying a lot more than the house was worth. All three parties lied to...


Boyer Law Gets Favorable Settlement for Client

Boyer Law Gets Favorable Settlement for Client: Client H was moving into her dream home, with the help of movers she hired. Unexpectedly, her movers moved all her furniture, however caused major damages to her old antique furniture. The client tried to resolve the matter in her own hands with the moving company’s insurance; however,...

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