Tax Deductible Attorney Fees

Tax Deductible Attorney Fees

It’s Tax Deduction Awareness Month here at Boyer Law Firm!

Attorney’s fees paid to help your business or for income-producing matters in general are tax-deductible expenses. Whether the attorney’s fee is tax-deductible ultimately comes down to the nature of the work performed and who the actual client it. Here are some examples of Tax Deductible Attorney Fees:


Not Tax-Deductible

Contracts for a business entity Contracts for an individual (except sole proprietorship)
Real estate closing for a business Real estate closing for an individual
Business Planning Session, or incorporation services Will or Probate
Business tax preparation Individual tax preparation
Business immigration for a company Individual or family immigration matters

For more information on which attorneys fees are tax deductible, or to schedule a tax-deductible consultation, contact Attorney Francis Boyer today!