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Business in Jacksonville

International Business in Jacksonville | Business lawyer Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami | Florida International LawyerEuropean consuls from France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom recently visited Jacksonville, Florida, and they had some opinions to share about business in Jacksonville. The main consensus between the visiting diplomats was that Jacksonville needs to do a better job of telling their story, because Jacksonville has a good story to tell and is a city that hosts many opportunities for those who want to live and work in Florida.

“I need reasons, arguments, I can convey to Spanish companies about why they should look here,” Mario Buisan, the Spanish trade commissioner said.

Dutch Consul General Simone Filippini was impressed by Jacksonville’s first-ever, recently-held OneSpark event, a festival celebrating inventors and entrepreneurs, but noted that she would not have known about the event if she had not visited the city. “The marketers of Jacksonville have an undiscovered dynamic jewel,” she said.

Kevin McGurgan, the U.K. Consul General stated that people think of beaches, not business when they think of Florida. Governor Rick Scott is trying to change this perception through his work with Enterprise Florida and Florida Business’ new slogan, “The Perfect Climate for Business.”

Jacksonville may soon become more prevalent in the eyes of the United Kingdom since the Jacksonville Jaguars professional football team is currently planning a game in London.

Most of the consulates in the Southeastern United States are in Miami, but the group made the trip to Jacksonville to find out more about Northeast Florida, a place that few foreign nationals think of when they think of the Sunshine State, and business in Jacksonville. It is the job of these consuls to connect the countries they represent with the country they are stationed.

Source: Florida Times-Union


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