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Business Plans and Business Planning

A business plan can be an easy thing to overlook if you are a Florida business owner, but not having one could cause you problems and cost money in the long run.

Most business owners have a general idea of where they want their business to go, but it is not the same unless you write it down on paper. A typical business plan is for 3-5 years. Business plans for immigration investment visas are a little different and usually require a 5 year plan.

Some business owners know where they want their business to go, but they need some help with the specifics. A business law attorney can help you with your business plan along with advising you on various other aspects of opening and maintaining your business.

Most business plans detail:

–          How the business will start up
–          Plans for personnel
–          An analysis of your target market
–          An analysis of your competition
–          Plans for marketing
–          Small details you may have not normally factored into your economic plan
–          The rate at which your assets will depreciate (meaning when you will have to get more equipment, etc.)
–          And more.

A business plan should also reflect your income and spending habits, so you should tweak your business plan every six months.

Attorney Francis Boyer is not only a business law attorney, but he also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. With offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami, Florida, Boyer Law Firm can help you with all aspects of your business planning.


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