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First Time Home Buyers

Young Homebuyers | Orlando Real Estate Attorney | Jacksonville Real Estate Attorney | Closing AttorneyFlorida is seeing younger first time home buyers.

It is no longer the norm for young adults to move from their parents’ house into the house they will share with their spouse. Many 20-somethings rent apartments and have roommates, but the money-mindful of this age group is realizing that it may be a better idea to buy.

Emelee Arbuckle, 22, was one of these young home-buyers. She said she had looked into renting, but quickly realized that buying a house was the more prudent option. She could rent a two-bedroom apartment for $700-$800 per month, money she would never see again, or she could use that money to pay a mortgage of around $700, turning it into an investment.

Another advantage is that first time home buyers do not have to deal with underwater mortgages or having to sell one house before buying another.

If you are a young adult considering becoming a first-time home buyer, contact Boyer Law Firm today. We can help you with everything from making an offer on a property all the way through the closing and beyond.

Source: Florida Today

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