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Ensure Business Compliance with FL Attorney

Ensure Business Compliance with FL Attorney
Don’t risk the penalties – outsource your company’s Compliance Department to a Florida attorney

Ensure Business Compliance with FL Attorney: Not all laws are created equal. A statute is generally a law created by a legislative body through the process of legislation. A regulation is a law created by an administrative agency through the process of interpreting provisions of legislation. An agency enforces a regulation it creates. There are both federal and state agencies that create and enforce regulations.

The significance of this for business owners is that you must follow a wide range of statutes, regulations, and rules, all of which are governed by different organizations, which have different locations and different procedures for filing, registering, applying, etc. If you fail to follow a certain procedure, you risk incurring penalties, including but not limited to fees and rejection.

For example, suppose you want to form a Florida Corporation that sells alcohol. You would like to purchase property for the business location. These two facts alone trigger more than a dozen legal hoops you must jump through.

For instance, to start the business you must fulfill statutory filing requirement for articles of incorporation, bylaws, and a shareholder agreement. You must file with a tax agency for an employer identification number. To protect your business’s name nationally, you must register the name for trademark with an intellectual property agency, which has its own set of requirements. If you are using multiple names for your business, you must register a fictitious name, or “Doing Business As” (DBA), with the Florida Secretary of State. You must also publish the alternative names in the county newspaper of record.

To import or distribute alcohol in Florida or the US, you must adhere to Federal, State, and local regulations pertaining to alcohol licensing. To purchase property, you must verify zoning use with local land use committees to ensure it is zoned properly. If not zoned commercially, you must file an exception with that committee. To do construction on the property, you must file for the appropriate permit from a department within the city.

These are only some of the legal things you must do to start a business. These aren’t all the legal requirements or any of the many optional-but-completely-necessary legal services either, like contracts and preventative business law.

Not having a good grasp on which laws, regulations, or rules apply, when they apply and how to follow them can be a severe drain on money and time. Save your time and money.ess attorney with experience in forming and serving businesses is a one stop shop. Attorney Francis Boyer knows what laws, regulations, and rules apply to which businesses. You can properly form your business and shield you and your business from liability by properly following every law, rule and regulation that applies.

This Florida attorney knows your business compliance requirements.

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