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General business contracts in Florida are the framework for helping businesses protect themselves through the many transactions needed to operate. Our skilled Florida general business contract lawyers help to uncover the best ways to protect your interests and craft an authoritative legal document to hold parties accountable.

Types of General Business Contracts

A contract is legally binding, which means it holds both parties accountable to the rights and duties spelled out within the executed document. A general business contract can cover everything from the initial Articles of Incorporation to a structured buy-out. These vital documents help to avoid misunderstandings and provide a benchmark to stand on whenever a disagreement arises. 

Areas of general business contract law we’re pleased to provide our expertise to business owners in Florida include the below and many more:

Asset Protection Contracts 

Your employees may be your company’s greatest assets, but you’ll still need a wide variety of resources that help contribute to your bottom line. Company-owned vehicles, real estate, computers, printers, and inventory are all examples of business assets. In order to maximize your investment in these assets, it’s important to set up protecting documents. Our general business contract lawyers review warranties, service agreements, and other documents to make sure our client’s interests are always protected.

Articles of Incorporation / Articles of Organization

Florida Statute Chapter 607, better known as the “Florida Business Corporation Act” requires certain information to be contained in the Articles of Incorporation (corporation) or Articles of Organization (LLC) filed with the formation of the business. This information includes:

  • A corporate name 
  • The street address of the principal office
  • The number of shares the corporation will issue
  • The name and address of the registered agent

The Articles of Incorporation can also contain how the business affairs are regulated, how the business is managed, defining the roles of the board of directors, and other pertinent information. Our general business contract attorneys help owners from the get-go set-up an organization with the legally-appropriate structure that’s best suited for their industry and unique set of circumstances.

Corporate Bylaws 

Where Articles of Incorporation are more of a basic outline of the new business entity, corporate bylaws are all the details to actually how the business will be run. Information like how the Board of Directors gets elected, the roles and responsibilities of officers, and even how meetings should be conducted is all included in the bylaws. The bylaws should also contain specific language for the process of amendments thereto. Boyer’s contract attorneys help businesses craft a set of bylaws that encompasses everything required to produce an authoritative document.

General Business Agreements 

Business agreements are necessary to accomplish certain tasks and to clearly convey everything both parties are agreeing to. These agreements vary in complexity and cover everything from a basic teaming agreement for a pursuit to a buy-sell agreement for the business. The contract lawyers of Boyer work tirelessly to produce agreements that provide the best level of protection for our clients.

Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) 

Confidentiality agreements and/or NDAs are used to protect a business’s intellectual property. Intellectual property includes things like trade secrets, a proprietary process, client lists, and other private information belonging to the company. Having employees, contractors, and even teaming partners sign NDAs helps to protect the businesses from having their intellectual property made known to outside parties. Our general business contract lawyers have tremendous experience in crafting NDAs for businesses that provide safeguards for their intellectual property.

Distribution Agreements 

Distribution agreements help define what’s expected of all parties involved in getting the product to the next stage of the supply chain. Having an agreement in place helps avoid ambiguity and provides a means for recourse.

End-Users License Agreements (EULAs) 

We’ve all clicked quickly through EULAs when we use software but not many take the time to read it. These agreements help protect the interests of the software developers and also defines the how users are permitted to use the software.

What Happens When the Other Party Refuses to Abide by a Contract? 

Boyer Law helps our clients through every stage of their business’s life cycle. When the other party in a business agreement either reneges entirely or otherwise misrepresents what they were offering, we can help hold them accountable to the terms of the agreement up to, and including, litigation.

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