Florida Business Transaction Attorneys

Boyer Law attorneys have the skills and experience required to negotiate aggressively and get the most advantageous results for our clients in a variety of business transactions. Our team comes alongside business owners to provide the expert legal support needed for every phase of the business lifecycle.


Transactions When Forming Your Business 

When you’re first forming your business, there are many different activities that are required just to get up and running. Lease agreements, insurance contracts, partnership agreements, vendor contracts, and a host of others all should be reviewed by a skilled business law attorney working on your side.

Activities our business formation attorneys help business owners accomplish include:

  • Forming a corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, and other entities like Joint-Ventures (JVs) and strategic partnerships.
  • Hiring U.S. citizens as employees and contractors.
  • Drafting corporate by-laws. 
  • Registering your company with state and federal authorities.
  • Acting as a registered agent for companies.

Having a trusted business transaction lawyer on your team from the get-go ensures that you have the best course of action mapped out for starting and operating your business.


Transactions During the Normal Course of Business 

Just in the everyday management of your business, you are faced with a variety of decisions that can benefit greatly from the review of a practiced business lawyer. Our team loves getting into the fine print of the agreement and fighting hard to protect your best interests in a variety of matters including:

  • Restructuring and reorganization corporations, LLCs, and partnerships.
  • Purchasing and selling company assets.
  • Protecting trade secrets, trademarks, and other intellectual property (IP).
  • Licensing, selling, and accruing copyrights, trademarks, and other IP assets.
  • Selling equity to outside investors.
  • Purchasing and selling other businesses.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Litigating shareholder/partnership disputes, breach of contract, etc.

The agreements and contracts governing activities like these should be carefully scrutinized by an experienced business transaction attorney prior to your execution in order to ensure your interests are well appointed for.


International Business Activities

As leaders in international law, the Boyer Law Firm is uniquely qualified to give sound legal advice for international business dealings. For new and established entities, we have the skills needed to help you move ahead prudently with activities like:

  • Importing or exporting company products.
  • Hiring non-U.S. citizens as employees and independent contractors and obtaining the necessary business immigration visas and filings.
  • Obtaining visas for foreign business owners to purchase or operate a business in the U.S., including family petitions.

As one of only a handful of Board Certified Specialists in International Law, Francis Boyer has built incredible expertise around helping foreign and domestic businesses compete at the global level. 


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