Today’s business environment is more dependent on electronic commerce than ever before. With businesses all pushing to keep their online presence fresh and relevant, comes a variety of legal hurdles that require careful consideration.

Getting Started Online with the Leading Florida E-Commerce Lawyers

The internet has proven to be an incredible tool for connecting businesses and their customers in ways that would have otherwise never been possible. No longer are products and services tied to a limited geographical area, now merchants can import and export from around the world.

Getting your business’s online presence up and running requires a lot of important decisions. Let a knowledgeable Florida e-commerce business attorney guide you through the process. Contact our team to schedule an e-commerce business consultation today.

See Our Florida E-Commerce Lawyers’ Main Practice Areas

Initial Business Licensing Agreements

As you’re setting up your business, you’ll have many different initial documents, licensing agreements, contracts, etc. that should all be uniform and complete prior to launching your venture online. Careful planning early on ensures a greater chance of future success. Our Florida e-commerce lawyers can help guide you through the first stages of setting up your online business in a way that’s primed for success from the get-go.

Website Legal Notices

Your website needs to give notice to your customers about specific policies in place. Notices like Terms of Use, Sales Conditions, Privacy Policies, and others need to be well-articulated, clearly stated, and easily accessible. Our e-commerce attorneys will review your current notices and help formulate them to be compliant with the law.

Contract Review

At set up and throughout your business’s lifecycle, you will enter into any number of different contracts, agreements, leases, and other legally binding arrangements. Having a keen e-commerce lawyer drafting and reviewing your contracts means your best interests in the matter are always protected.

Distribution & Licensing Agreements

As your brand grows, many businesses begin distributing and/or licensing to get the product into the hands of a greater number of people. Licensing agreements and distribution arrangements can be very lucrative, but a practiced e-commerce attorney knows just what to look for to negotiate the best outcome in your unique situation.

Trademarks & Copyrights

Protecting your brand’s intellectual property may require various trademarks and copyrights. Going through the process to file for these protections can be burdensome, but the end result is a safeguard for everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Our team will help you get all the information you need to file for trademarks and copyrights or can help guide you through potential disputes like copyright infringement.

Fictitious Name Registration

When you’re working as a sole proprietor in Florida and using a name other than your own, you’ll need to register your fictitious name with the Division of Corporations. Our lawyers can help get you set up with all necessary documentation to file and register your fictitious name.

Remote Corporate Banking

Often, e-commerce companies will need to open a bank account far away from their home operations. Our legal team can help get your corporation’s banking set-up and ready to go for both foreign and domestic companies.

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