Florida employment contracts can be difficult to navigate. Employers are required to define and articulate the entirety of the terms and conditions of employment at their company. This requires careful consideration for things like how employees are expected to perform, what happens to the work they produce, what constitutes a terminable offense, as well as a host of other considerations.

Our Florida contract attorneys work tirelessly to make sure that your company’s employment contracts are authoritative and complete to help minimize liability and maximize the value of the employee/employer relationship.

You’re Never Alone in Business with an Experienced Florida Contract Lawyer

Going at it alone in business can be a frightening proposition. With so many pitfalls for employers with employees, business owners face many critical decisions that can dramatically affect the success of their enterprise. Our legal team helps Florida businesses craft employment contracts that adequately define the scope of the employment for the benefit of all parties involved.

Florida Employment Contracts Areas of Service

Legal services we’re proud to provide to Florida business owners include:
  • Florida Employment Contracts – the employment contract should encompass a complete picture of the scope of employment with items like a job description, start date, compensation amount, benefits package, supervisor, and other pertinent information.
  • Employee Manuals for Florida Businesses – employee manuals need to be detailed enough to cover the majority of the day-to-day responsibilities of staff. This employee handbook should serve as an active document for reference when employees have questions or concerns regarding a particular area. Employee manuals should address the company’s policies regarding items like vacation, dress code, internet use, and many other areas pertinent to employment.
  • Non-Compete Agreements in Florida – these shield a company from losing a key employee to a competitor where they could then hurt the business of their former employer. Non-competes restrict the employee from working at a competitor for a set period of time after they’ve departed the company.
  • Florida 1099 / Independent Contractor Agreements – contractors are seen differently in the eyes of the law and require their own agreement to define the entirety of the scope of work they’ll perform.
  • Contract-to-Hire – these unique work arrangements are geared for defining a short-term position that then has the opportunity to become a full time position at the end of the contract. These documents need to specifically spell out the entirety of the responsibilities during the short-term, as well as detail what the transition to full-time employment looks like.
  • Rights to Creative Efforts – as employees produce intellectual property for your business, the rights to these “creative efforts” needs to be captured within an agreement, typically the employment contract. Our skilled team can help you craft an agreement pertaining to the rights of creative efforts to include in your Florida employment contract.

Proper execution of a Florida employment contract is vital to protecting employer and employee interests. Our team is pleased provide these services.  We help business owners everyday protect their interests, as well as their investment in the business they’ve worked so hard to build.