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Florida has the Nation’s Highest Foreclosure Rate

Florida now has the highest foreclosure rate nationwide, and it is becoming a major problem.

Of the 10 metropolitan areas with the highest foreclosure rates, seven are in Florida. In 2012, foreclosure filings jumped 20 percent, and one in five mortgages in the state are currently delinquent.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Seminole County Judge Alan Dickey had, at one point, scheduled 300 foreclosure cases in three days. He said if everyone showed up, he would have enough time for 30 seconds per case.

The foreclosure process currently takes more than 600 days to run its course in Florida, which is adding to the problem of the courts being backlogged.

The latest bill introduced to correct this problem, HB 87, was filed in Tallahassee at the beginning of January, but it is already being attacked by consumer advocates. This is the third attempt by the state legislature to correct this problem, and each has been met with consumer outcry.

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