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Jann C.
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I had a great experience with this law firm in my international custody case. They were very professional and very responsive to my concerns. The attorneys are smart and know their stuff. I felt like they genuinely cared vs just taking my money like many other law firms I contacted. I'm very happy with the result. I couldn't be more grateful.

The global economy today requires legal professionals to be more mindful than ever before as to how local issues can be affected by international factors. The Boyer Law team holds unparalleled experience in international law at the local Florida level. Founding attorney Francis M. Boyer holds the distinction of Board Certified Specialist (BCS) in International Law; one of only a handful of Florida attorneys to currently hold this credential. Uniquely positioned to handle your cross-border legal needs in international business, international trade, international family law, international probate, and international litigation, Boyer Law Firm’s zealous international law attorneys stand ready help you realize your legal goals.

Our team can leverage our global capabilities at the local level in Florida to bring about the best results for our clients with both business and personal interests in the Sunshine State. With an effective cross-border, collaborative legal network in place, our team handles cases across the Americas, Africa, and Europe. From the U.S. and Canada, to Brazil and Columbia, Dubai, France, and beyond, we have the global resources to fight to protect our clients’ best interests.

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International Law Areas of Practice

International law takes on many different forms, all of which require utilizing our experience in multiple practice areas to bring about the most favorable outcome. For example, an E2 application for an investment may also require international business and estate planning expertise. Boyer Law is proud to be able to assist our clients in so many different ways through a global-focused approach to international law issues.

Within each practice area below, you will find many different correlating international legal actions available to help progress your case.

  • International Intellectual Property: protecting your unique ideas through the use of U.S. trademarks, U.S. copyrights, Florida franchise and licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-solicitation agreements, non-compete agreements, and trade secret law.

With specific experience in international business law, international family law, immigration law, and more, Boyer Law can develop, review, and negotiate on our client’s behalf through even the most complicated international legal issues.

International Law Attorneys for Business in Florida

planet earth globe, international business, international tradeFlorida international business law attorneys help with a variety of business needs including foreign investment, visas, real estate, business formation, and many other business matters. Our experience in international business law is both expansive and far-reaching.

Other ways we help international businesses compete include actions such as opening up a Florida subsidiary or drafting favorable distribution or licensing agreements. Our experienced international business attorneys work alongside foreign business owners and investors to help set up a roadmap for success on the international business stage.

We’ve helped set up successful cross-border joint ventures and other partnerships, provided guidance for successfully navigating U.S. Customs and international trade, and have even helped manage complex international business transactions. Whatever legal needs your internationally-focused business requires, our team becomes trusted support you can rely on.

U.S. Customs and International Trade

Container ship carrying container for import and export, international tradeOur skilled U.S. Customs and Trade attorneys help our clients import and export in the most advantageous means possible while ensuring strict adherence to the many regulations required. Whether it’s food products governed by the FDA or imported merchandise requiring proper tariff classification, our attorneys help clients effectively navigate importing and exporting in the U.S.

Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property

With more and more cross-border relationships, the chance for your business’s intellectual property to fall into the wrong hands is a real risk. Boyer Law’s intellectual property attorneys know the ins and outs of protecting your company’s competitive advantages. We’ll help set up safeguards around existing or new assets for use in the United States and can help you pursue action when an outside party has threatened the propriety of your intellectual property.

Business, Investment and
Employment-Based Immigration

Whether you need help drafting an application for an H-1B skilled worker visa, an L1 intra-company transfer visa, or a visa regarding investments like the E2 treaty investor visa, the team at Boyer Law can help guide you through the process.

We’ll look at all the factors of the case including the eligibility of the individual or the business, the relevant laws and regulations for the specific location, as well as many other important considerations. By conducting thorough research upfront, we’re able to put all of the necessary pieces together to dramatically improve the chances of success.

Foreign Investment in Florida Real Estate

The Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) is an element of U.S. tax law dealing with foreign nationals selling real estate they own in the U.S. We help our clients chart the best path when looking for investment opportunities, as well as the most judicious steps to take when it’s time to divest the investment property.

Boyer Law Firm’s international law attorneys specializing in foreign investment in Florida real estate have years of experience in helping clients close real estate transactions subject to FIRPTA regulations.

Estate and Tax Planning for Foreign Investors

Foreign businesses and individuals with investments in Florida require effective strategies for protecting the value of their investments. This becomes especially true with international inheritance and succession planning for these investments.

Our Florida estate and tax planning attorneys look at our client’s big picture and then help craft a legal strategy that works for their situation and provides the best protection possible to ensure long-term success.

International Disputes and Litigation

close up of scales, international litigationOur litigation team focuses on serving the needs of our clients by attempting to resolve disputes out of court to avoid unnecessary costs and delays. Using alternative dispute methods such as mediation, arbitration or a prival trial, we work to bring about an amicable solution. However, when trial litigation is required, our team is highly-experienced in navigating even the most complex international cases. 

Being effective in international mediation and arbitration requires being able to understand the legal nuances at play both in Florida and abroad. Our team has an incredible depth of experience in the successful mediation of cases and ways to secure binding arbitration. As well, our team is experienced and fully prepared to craft effective legal strategies when international litigation is required. With both personal and commercial experience, our litigation team stands ready to help our clients seek the most advantageous means to achieve their goals. 

Whether you are experiencing a partnership dispute, landlord/tenant disagreement, or other contractual disputes, the team of international law attorneys at Boyer Law Firm can protect your rights and help bring about the best possible outcome. 

Additional practice areas relating to International Disputes and Litigation include:

Florida Family Law with International Implications

International family law in Florida is primarily centered around helping families through cross-border divorces and international custody disputes, but can also concern probate and inheritance.

Our team is skilled at handling even the most difficult international family law cases to help our clients seek the resolution they deserve.

International Law Attorneys for Cross-Border Divorce

When foreign nationals are involved in a divorce in Florida, immigration law can play a large role. For international divorce law cases in Florida, our team will look at all of the factors at play that can affect an international divorce settlement and/or custody dispute including:

International Child Custody & Child Support

International child custody cases take on increasing complexity as different countries’ jurisdictions come into play. Child relocation, international parental child abduction, child custody issues when immigration status is in question—all of these legal matters require the utmost diligence and care throughout the proceeding in order to bring about an amicable settlement.

According to the U.S. Department of State, international parental child abduction is “the removal or retention of a child outside their country of habitual residence in breach of another parent or guardian’s custody rights.” As you can imagine, this can have extremely harmful consequences on the children involved and infringes a parent’s rights to access their children. At Boyer Law, we take international child custody cases very seriously and provide parents with the support they deserve throughout the process.

Cross-Border Probate & Inheritance

hands holding out red model house, international probate inheritanceBoth resident aliens and non-U.S. citizens will need to have their estate probated in the country where they resided, as well as in Florida if they owned property within the borders of the State of Florida at the time of their death. Boyer Law Firm specializes in Probate and Inheritance for foreign nationals.

Probate & Inheritance for Non-US Citizens

Another common area of practice in International Law lies in probate and inheritance for non-US citizens, including non-resident aliens and resident aliens (green card holders.) When a death of a non-resident or resident alien occurs in Florida, the property they owned will go through probate and will be subject to Florida Statutes, as well as an executed will. Another aspect could be the process of probating a foreign will within the State of Florida. These cases require careful consideration of both Florida and international legal precedents to achieve the best possible results for clients.

Our world is more connected than ever and complex family law matters require the experience and commitment of a trusted international family law attorney. Boyer’s Florida international family law attorneys help our clients navigate all of the different steps required in seeking a desirable resolution for their case.

Probate & Inheritance for Foreign Beneficiaries of US Citizen’s Estate

There are many different factors that influence inheritance both with and without the presence of a will in the State of Florida. Boyer Law helps both with estate planning for U.S. citizens that have assets in the U.S. and have foreign beneficiaries, as well as for when assets are located in the U.S. and outside the U.S. and the estate has foreign beneficiaries.

International Estate Planning for Cross Border Families

As we’ve seen, estate planning for U.S. citizens with foreign beneficiaries adds additional complexity, especially within tax planning. In addition, the tax implications of estate planning for expatriates that own assets in Florida requires effectively navigating different issues such as transfer tax rules, tax treaties and foreign tax credits. 

We’re proud of our team’s depth of experience when it comes to international law issues affecting businesses and individuals in Florida. We’ll provide the guidance needed to chart the best path forward in a wide range of international legal situations to avoid common pitfalls and protect the best interests of the estate.

Representing clients in Florida who have international issues affecting them is what has helped Francis Boyer stand as a trusted expert in international law. Put our experience to use in seeking the best outcome for your unique situation.

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