A Florida distribution agreement is a contract between a manufacturer and a seller (distributor) in which the distributor sells the goods produced by the manufacturer to a third party in Florida, such as a retail store or direct to consumers. Although there are some instances in which a manufacturer can also be a distributor, this is often not the case.

A distribution agreement is an important document because it is a legal contract outlining the terms of business between two entities. If the parties do not understand the terms they are agreeing to, or if there are terms missing from the agreement, the results could be a very disastrous situation, including but not limited to, expensive and lengthy litigation.

Distribution agreements are especially important in overseas transactions that include importing goods to Florida and the U.S. In these cases, the entities involved in the transaction may be required to obtain an importer’s license and/or distribution license, in addition to other federal and state licenses, to legally process the transaction and comply with the terms of the distribution agreement. Failure to recognize the requirements for licenses could result in costly consequences, including the seizure of the goods sent for distribution.

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