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Florida in Top 4 States for Exports

Florida in Top 4 States for Exports: Since 2008, Florida has remained in the top five for America’s leading export states and came in fourth for 2011.  In fact, Florida increased the amount it exported by 17% over the numbers published from 2010.  On top of Florida’s yearly gains in annual exports, Florida’s new exports accounted for $9.4 billion, which was higher than the national average.  These numbers include both products and services, of which Florida exported over $30 billion worth.  Florida’s export industry also provides thousands of jobs and is a major player in the state’s economy.  However, things may not go as well overall in 2012.

One of Florida’s major import/export partners has seen a drop in exports from Florida and an increase in exports to Florida.  Spain is dealing with an economic crisis, which Florida feels, mainly in the Miami area.  Florida exports to Spain in 2011 dropped “nearly 30%” due mainly to high unemployment in the country causing a drop in demand.  On the other hand, Spanish exports to Florida rose over 50%, which may be partially attributable to the United States’ ability to handle its own economic crisis.  Despite the drop in Florida’s exports to Spain last year, Florida was still able to finish number four in the country for exports, which speaks volumes about the strength of Florida’s import/export industry.

Florida Governor Rick Scott stated, “This ranking confirms that Florida is a great place to do business on a global scale… My team works every day to make Florida the No. 1 business state and a highly valued trade partner with countries around the world, especially those in Central and South America.”

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