Limited liability companies (LLCs) are the perfect choice for small business owners that want to take advantage of Florida’s pro-business environment, while still maintaining the most control over their business. Our team of Florida LLC formation experts utilizes a streamlined process for helping owners accomplish everything they need to start a successful Florida LLC.

Start Your Road to LLC Formation with Florida’s Leading Business Law Firm

Starting an LLC in Florida provides a great many advantages, especially for the small business owner. Limited personal liability, various tax advantages, ownership flexibility, and overall less regulatory paperwork makes setting up an LLC less burdensome than a traditional corporation.

Even so, giving your LLC the best chance for success requires careful planning at the formation stage. Here’s where you’ll be executing contracts, building your team, leasing space, buying equipment, and a thousand other things. Our team of experienced LLC formation attorneys helps guide you through these important decisions and accomplish everything required at the local, state, and federal levels to start doing business as an LLC in Florida.

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Services Provided by Our Florida Limited Liability Company Attorneys

Our team is able to put together the best plan of action for getting your LLC formed in Florida. Services we’re proud to offer to Florida LLC’s include:

  • LLC Filing and Fees paid to the State of Florida.
  • Providing a Registered Agent service for your LLC for one year.
  • Helping you draft your LLC’s Articles of Incorporation.
  • Drafting an Operating Agreement for your Florida Limited Liability Company.
  • Reviewing Standard LLC Forms and Resolutions.
  • Drafting Formal Meeting Minutes for First Meeting of the new Florida LLC.
  • Applying for a Federal EIN .
  • Registering Members of the LLC.


Boyer Law can also help your LLC keep up with annual requirements like State of Florida Annual reporting and Registered Agent and address services. Schedule a consultation with our Florida Limited Liability Corporation lawyers to review your LLC’s situation and chart the best path forward.

Getting Started on the Right Path for Your Business

Business owners must make many decisions during the development stage of their business. Drafting agreements, executing contracts, meeting regulatory requirements, and a slough of others are just a few areas that require owners to make crucial decisions for the future of their business.


A Florida LLC attorney is your company’s advocate during this time, helping owners review and complete each necessary step in the Florida LLC formation process in a way that provides the most benefit for the business. With businesses being more global than ever, Boyer Law is proud to hold unique expertise in facilitating international and domestic business relationships.

Florida LLC Formation Consultation

Even with all the benefits for forming an LLC in Florida, there are still many decisions required of owners in the initial stages that can have big impacts throughout the life of their business. Experienced legal counsel helps to avoid common pitfalls and create a solid foundation for your business to grow. Contact our team of dedicated Florida business law professionals to review where your LLC is at and the best way to move forward.