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Florida Repeals International Driving Permit Requirement

As part of a continued effort to make Florida a tourism-friendly state, lawmakers are in the process of repealing a law that requires international visitors to acquire an international driving permit to drive in Florida.

The law was originally designed to help law enforcement officers determine if international visitors had valid licenses, especially when the driver’s license was in a foreign language, but the law had unintended consequences.

This law hit Canadians, the largest group of international visitors to Florida, the hardest. Many Canadian “snowbirds” were not able to obtain this permit because they were already in Florida, and the law required them to obtain the permit from their home country.

The repeal of this law was passed unanimously by both houses of the Florida legislature, and Governor Rick Scott has said that he will sign the repeal into law. The law requiring the permit took effect on January 1, 2013.

Source: Orlando Sentinel


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