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Florida Tourism: 100 Million Goal to Boost Florida Businesses

Florida Tourism
Gov. Scott has challenged Florida tourism to attract 100 million visitors per year, compared to the 91.5 million visitors the state saw in 2012, in order to grow Florida business in multiple industries.

Despite the recession, Florida tourism has grown 2.4 percent over the past decade.

Florida tourism boosts not only the tourism industry, but also the retail industry, construction industry, and many other sectors. If achieved, the goal is estimated to create 121,298 jobs in Florida.

Now is the time to start or invest in a Florida business while Florida tourism is up and the state is initiating incentives for entrepreneurs to open businesses in the Sunshine State.

Whether you are interested in starting a restaurant, retail store, tourist attraction, or another Florida business, Boyer Law Firm’s business law attorneys can assist you every step of the way.

Source: South Florida Business Journal


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