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Great Foreign Investments in the US and Florida

Great Foreign Investments in the US and Florida: A foreign investor in the United States enjoys the same flexibility in financial arrangements as U.S. citizens:

• There is no need to obtain formal approval from governmental authorities to set up a company.
• Foreign exchange controls are generally absent.
• The foreign-owned company may freely transfer U.S. profits abroad, and its owners may freely repatriate their investment.

Great Foreign Investments in the US and Florida

The United States is open for business!

It is important to contact an attorney regarding the different laws and regulations relating to each foreign county and the United States. Boyer Law Firm’s foreign investment practice focuses on advising businesses and investors on cross border investments in the United States. We advise clients on foreign business transactions, acquisitions, and tax issues. Our focus is on efficiently assisting clients in various foreign investment matters. We navigate our clients through the foreign investment process and guide them in making appropriate investment choices.

Practice areas include international transactions, tax effective financing, minimizing of foreign tax, overseas transactions and tax planning. Please contact us today regarding any of your matters in which we will be able to assist you.

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