Florida is an extremely pro-business state with solid tax policies, a competitive cost of doing business, and a streamlined regulatory environment. With all of these benefits for businesses, it’s no small wonder why so many U.S. and international businesses choose to incorporate in Florida. 

The Florida corporation attorneys of Boyer Law are experts in business formation in the Sunshine State. We’ll provide you with the guidance and support needed to get set-up as a business in Florida in order to give your business the greatest chances for success from day one.


Get Help with Setting up a New Florida Corporation

Florida corporation law helps establish corporations as a standalone legal entity. This provides a barrier between the owners’ assets and those of the business. When first getting started, there’s a number of different local, state and federal authorities that require some form of registration prior to the business being allowed to operate. As well, there are many internal documents that need to be finalized such as contracts and lease agreements.

Important documents like these require a keen eye to ensure the agreements are both in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, as well as in the best interest of the client. Starting a new corporation in Florida is exciting but can also be stressful as you worry over the details. Let our team of Florida corporation experts guide you through this process to get your business set up with its best foot forward.


See the Services Provided by Our Florida Corporation Attorneys

Our experienced Florida business lawyers provide many different services both when your business is first getting off the ground and also with annual maintenance requirements for Florida corporations. 

Services to help get your Florida business incorporated include:

  • Helping you determine which form of business entity formation is right for your business
  • Registering and paying appropriate filing fees with the State of Florida Division of Corporations
  • Acting as your company’s registered agent in the State of Florida for one year. This service is renewable annually.
  • Drafting and filing your Articles of Incorporation with the State of Florida Division of Corporations
  • Helping you create corporate by-laws, corporate forms, and resolutions to guide your company
  • Arranging first meetings of the Board of Directors and producing meeting minutes
  • Obtaining a Federal EIN number
  • Creating a stock transfer register
  • Producing stock certificates for shareholders; numbered and printed with the company’s name, state, and officers’ titles.

After forming your corporation, you’ll also need to keep up with annual reporting requirements. Our team can help with annual maintenance services like the preparation of Florida annual reports, updating the registered agent information, paying filing fees, and even obtaining Certificates of Good Standing with the Secretary of State.


With You Every Step of the Way – Your Boyer Law Team

Florida produces a lot of great opportunities for businesses but getting set up the right way takes professional guidance from an experienced team. Boyer Law holds unique expertise to help both international and domestic business owners with all the requirements for incorporating in Florida. Contact our team of Florida corporation attorneys now to give your business a great foundation to flourish from.