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How General Counsel Services Can Benefit Your Business

Each year, 36%-53% of small businesses face lawsuits. 90% of all businesses also face a legal issue at some point during their operation’s lifespan. Because these figures are so high, it’s critical that you protect yourself against threats of potential lawsuits. General counsel services are a great way to pre-emptively combat legal issues. Read on to learn about general counsel and how it can benefit your business.

The Basics of General Counsel Services

A general counsel (GC) lawyer is the main attorney that a company hires for its daily operations. They report directly to the CEO because their ideas are critical for business decisions.

The aim of GC services is to keep you legally compliant at all times. They help to streamline your business by providing you with information on how to handle finances, daily operations, and innovations.

The GC lawyer also functions as a source of legal advice so that you can avoid lawsuits (and win those that you do ultimately face). They help you manage risks. They also help you capture business value in any and all legal issues.

Many companies choose to employ their own corporate lawyers for GC services. However, this is unnecessary since you can hire outside attorneys to serve as general counsel for your business. Hiring an outside business attorney is more cost-effective and usually leads to more experienced and knowledgeable hires.

On-Demand Assistance

General counsel lawyers are attorneys that work with your business regularly. You can pick up the phone and call them at any time. This gives you consistent access to a lawyer that you trust so that you can resolve issues immediately.

GC lawyers are not just well-versed in business law, but also in the fundamentals of your specific business. Because these professionals are dedicated to working for you, they know all about you. They know your business model, your strengths, your weaknesses, and how to best help you with individual needs.

Constant Financial Advice

General business lawyers also act as strategic partners for your business. Experts look into your business plan and help determine ways that you can grow. They also provide you with financial advice and help you adapt your business model to cost less and be more efficient.

Additionally, business attorneys help you get rid of any legal issues before they become problems. Attorneys can help you come up with methods of eliminating legal landmines at a reasonable cost.

Ensuring Compliance With Regulations

Each industry has its own compliance regulations that you must meet in order to keep your business up to date. Local laws also may dictate what you can and cannot do. If you do not comply with laws, rules, and regulations, you could be subject to hefty fines or even shut down.

Skilled business attorneys at Boyer’s Law Firm commit to learning everything about the businesses we serve. We know you and your business from working with you frequently. You can trust us to do what’s best for your business because we’re familiar with it.

Since we learn all about your industry and local ordinances across Florida, it’s easy for us to ensure that you’re compliant. We understand regulations and can look into your paperwork, strategies, funding, and workflows. This stops you from being vulnerable to potential legal issues within your industry.

Assistance With Paperwork

Paperwork is a challenge for any business, even if forms are filled out online. It’s easy to draft documents poorly or include a ton of sloppy mistakes. This is especially true of businesses that don’t specialize in drafting agreements.

These poorly-written documents leave you unprotected. This is especially true if you outsource documents to a different state. Whether you or an untrained third party fills out these forms does not matter- the result is legal vulnerability and increased lawsuit potential.

Sloppy documents can also leave an awful impression on clients and prospects. Employees also may view you as unprofessional and deter potentially qualified applicants from looking for careers at your business. Sloppiness screams a lack of experience, qualifications, and care.

General counsel lawyers fill out paperwork for you. We dot your i’s and cross your t’s so you don’t need to worry about sloppiness. You’ll remain protected and retain a good reputation.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is any intangible asset that your business owns and uses. Examples may include trademarked logos and brand imagery, inventions and blueprints, or written essays or books.

Our attorneys provide trademark and copyright legal services as part of general counsel. We help you to initially protect your property by placing a legal trademark on it. We also help you fight against trademark infringement if it takes place.

Help With Lawsuits and Litigations

Speaking about fighting against legal infringement, our attorneys are always at your side ready to protect you. We will represent you in the litigation process if you ever fall victim to a lawsuit. We’re well-versed in how to reach a settlement and minimize damage.

We also are happy to represent you if another business breaks contracts, negotiates incorrectly, or illegally claims your intellectual property as its own. We know how to get you the compensation you deserve. Whether you need help during the settlement process or courtroom representation, we have your back.

Invest in Business General Counsel Services Today

General counsel services are a legal must-have for any business. They can help you with finances, potential intellectual property issues, and practical business-centric advice.

Boyer Law Firm is committed to providing the top business legal services in Florida. Our experienced professionals are excited to help you with any legal issues that might arise and to provide general advice about protecting your enterprise. Contact us to move forward with the process of scheduling a consultation.

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