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Shopping Center Great Real Estate Investment

Shopping Center Great Real Estate Investment: Shopping centers and strip malls are a great real estate investment because they give the investor the opportunity to make a large profit.

Unlike many investments, such as apartment complexes or condominiums, investors will rarely need to be concerned with tenant abuse; these tenants are also in business to make a profit, so it is in their best interest to maintain the property to the best of their abilities.

When looking for a property to invest in, follow these tips to increase your potential profit:

–  Location, Location, Location!

  • Make sure the property has high-visibility from busy roads.
  • Make sure the property is easily accessible.
  • Try to avoid areas where there is a lot of construction, as they may be subject to road blocks and other diversions.

–  Make sure there is well-lit parking, and lots of it!

–  Diversify the businesses located in the property.

  • Try to rent to at least one store that appeals to a wide variety of clientele (Ex: clothing store, grocery store, etc.)
  • Choose a property that can hold multiple tenants. (This will allow for less profit loss if one of the stores is vacant.)

Shopping centers can be purchased by an individual or by a group of business associates. Foreign investors can additionally benefit by obtaining a U.S. investor visa.

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