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Green Card Holders Can Get Spouse Visa

Green Card Holders Can Get Spouse Visa
Green card holders can get spouse visa through a USCIS Family Petition.

One of the most popular immigration questions currently being asked is whether a green card holder can get a visa for a spouse. The short answer is yes, however the process can take years, and it can become even longer when an applicant fails to meet certain strict requirements. You should schedule an immigration assessment appointment to determine options and eligibility and to prevent unnecessary extensions of time.

There are generally two ways to obtain a green card, or legal permanent resident status in the United States. One way is through a job in the US. To qualify for this option, you don’t have to be related to a US Citizen or a US permanent resident. Instead, your employer must be willing to sponsor your visa application, which includes paying a filing fee for the visa application itself. This has proven to be a good path to US immigration for scientists, investors, IT specialists, researchers, and individuals in many other job sectors.

The second way to obtain a green card is through a US Family Petition. The family petition, or “Adjustment of Status” petition, is what a green card holder files to get a visa for a family member, including a spouse. To qualify, the new applicant does not have to have employer sponsorship. Rather, the new applicant must first be one of several types of family members.

The family petition process can be lengthy, because there are a limited number of visas available. Because there are fewer visas available than there are applicants, some applicants end up on a waitlist. The waitlists are created by arranging applicants in an order of preference that depends entirely on how the green card holder is related to the applicant. For example, “First Preference” goes to unmarried, adult children of the permanent resident. Next on the list, “Second Preference A,” then goes to the spouse and unmarried, minor children of the permanent resident. If you become a US Citizen you get the greatest priority.

You can start the process to permanent US residency by consult with an immigration attorney to see if your spouse or other family member qualifies for US immigration. An immigration attorney can guide you through the complex system of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and ensure you the fastest and easiest route to becoming a permanent US resident.

Green Card Holders Can Get Spouse Visa – the complex legal filing requirements still prove to be one lengthy way for a family member to obtain a US visa.

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