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H1B Premium Processing Time

H1B Premium Processing Time While U.S. immigration isn’t exactly known for their fast service, they actually offer really quick H1B premium processing time. The premium processing time means that the United States government (for once, it seems) promises to process the paperwork within 15 calendar days! This is a spectacular feature and worth taking advantage of if you qualify for the H1-B Visa.

The H1-B premium processing start date was May 12, 2016.The H1-B Visa is a non-immigrant temporary work visa issued to workers in “specialty occupations.” You can read all about what the H1B Visa is and how it compares to other visas here.

Didn’t apply for an H1-B Visa yet? Unfortunately, there is a cap on the number of applications they’ll process, and the cap has already been reached for FY 2017. The good news though, is that there are year-round exemptions to the cap. If you meet one of the exempt categories, then not only is an H1-B Visa available for you (for the upcoming 2017 fiscal year) the 15-day guaranteed premium processing is also available. So for H1-B petitions that are exempt from the cap, the premium processing will just begin on the date that USCIS receives the request.

If you have already applied for the 2016 H1-B Visa and are subject to the cap, then your premium process request begins on May 12.

You may want to speak with an immigration attorney to determine whether you qualify for an exemption or what your chances are of getting accepted. If you know you’re not eligible for an exemption, there are still other visa options available to get you into the U.S.

Interest in applying for an H1-B Visa? Need to know whether you’re eligible for any other visa? Contact Boyer Law Firm today and schedule an appointment with an experienced immigration attorney.

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