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How to Enforce a Foreign Arbitration Award

How to Enforce a Foreign Arbitration Award: Boyer Law Firm knows how difficult it can be to receive a favorable arbitration award. We also understand that having such an award enforced can be a troublesome process. There are a number of Conventions, Acts and treaties that may apply to the enforcement of such awards.

Know How to Enforce a Foreign Arbitration Award

In the U.S. alone, when attempting to have a foreign arbitration award enforced, the Panama Convention, the New York Convention, and U.S. domestic law under the Federal Arbitration Act may all apply. In most instances, the Conventions are controlling, however, in some cases they may conflict with one another. For example, some countries that are a party to one Convention may not be a party to the other Convention, thus creating a conflict between the applicable Conventions. There may also bilateral or multilateral treaties that are also applicable depending on the parties to the arbitration. In such a case, the knowledge and experience of a seasoned attorney is necessary to pursue the enforcement of your award.

It can be just as tricky enforcing a U.S. Arbitral Award in another country. The same or different Conventions, Acts and treaties may apply. Boyer Law Firm has knowledge and experience in fighting to have arbitration awards enforced, in the U.S. and abroad. Contact us today with any further questions we will be happy to assist you in this process.

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