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How to Properly Transfer Shares in a Florida Company

Transfer shares in a Florida CompanyShares in a corporation can be publicly or privately held. If your company is privately held and you want to transfer shares (for a corporation) or membership units (for a LLC) in a Florida company, then you should have an attorney draft a purchase and sale agreement for the transfer of those shares or units. This holds true for a Florida Corporation, a Florida LLC or a Florida Partnership.

The method for the transfer of shares is determined by the company documents, such as the By-Laws or Operating Agreement for the company. It is important to hire an experienced business law attorney to transfer shares in a Florida company in order to ensure that you are transferring the shares according to the contract you entered when you bought ownership in the company, as the company documents are a contract.

In addition to drafting the purchase and sale agreement for the transfer of shares in the Florida company, Boyer Law Firm, P.L. can also assist you in filing the amendment and ensuring that the transfer is made public record. This adds an extra layer of protection in the instance that any litigation should arise from the transfer of shares.

If you would like to buy or sell your ownership in a Florida business, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s business law attorneys today.

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