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Immigration Assessment Appointment

Immigration assessment appointmentBoyer Law Firm, P.L. offers an immigration assessment appointment in order to aid foreign individuals who would like to move to Florida or the United States.

Do you want to move to the United States, but you are not sure what visa you qualify for or do you need clarification as to the type of visa you believe you qualify for? Attorney Boyer can assess your situation and let you know the visa, if any, for which you best qualify.

Some types of visas you may qualify for include: Investment visas (E-2, EB-5, L-1), Family visas (Spouse, child, parent, etc.), Employment visas (you must have a company to sponsor you), and more.

We can then assist you through the process of applying for that visa.

If you would like to move to Florida but you are not sure which visa you qualify for, contact Boyer Law Firm for an immigration assessment appointment today.

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