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The Impact of the Coronavirus On E-2 Visas

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E2 visas are a great way for foreign nationals to come to the United States for extended periods of time. They’re much easier to obtain than green cards and don’t require a large investment. Also, E2 visas allow the business owner to bring along their family. The coronavirus pandemic has caused travel bans to the United States. Further immigration rules change on a daily basis, so it’s important to speak to an experienced immigration business attorney to discover the best legal options available.

How Will The Coronavirus Impact E2 Visa Businesses?

If you already have an E2 business in the United States, there is no current impact from the coronavirus on your visa. If the economy of the United States suffers greatly, some E2 visas could be revoked or allowed to expire in an effort to promote American-owned businesses.  There are steps to take right now to protect your business in the United States. An experienced immigration business attorney remains vigilant and knowledgeable in the midst of the changes, and then can offer guidance to keep your business safe. 

One thing businesses can do to limit the impact from the coronavirus is to renegotiate commercial leases. Landlords are likely anxious to keep viable tenants, and so they are motivated to renegotiate lease terms, potentially reducing or delaying lease payments. 

A second thing businesses can do today is apply for relief during this economic crisis. Recently, the US Senate approved a $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package. This package includes benefits both for workers and for businesses impacted by the coronavirus and quarantines. Businesses can apply for both direct payments and for generous loans. These loans can cover operating expenses including up to two months of payroll. However, businesses must also beware the stipulations. There are limits on executive pay and protections for employees that must be considered.

With the fluctuations in the market, the impacts from the coronavirus, and the potential access to the rescue package funds, now is a good time to allow an immigration law specialist to assist. Contact us today so we can review your unique situation.

Can I Apply For an E2 Visa Now?

There has not been a law passed that prohibits new E2 business applications. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to start a new business in the US under the current conditions. E2 visas are generally processed at the United States Consulate in the country of origin, but securing an appointment may prove difficult. As of March 16, 2020 most consulates throughout the world started canceling appointments for new applications. The official recommendation is to apply directly to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office. But again, many are under shelter at home orders or are experiencing other restrictive policies that make securing an in-person appointment difficult. Further, USCIS has temporarily closed all in-person services until April 7th. 

Getting Help From an Experienced E-2 Visa Attorney

This crisis is not going to last forever, but it is becoming more difficult to obtain an E2 with the bleak economic climate. Navigating the normally murky waters of immigration has become nearly impossible due to the coronavirus. That’s why it is wise to secure seasoned help. Not only can Boyer Law Firm provide trusted guidance for immigration law, we can also help fastrack your E-2 application when normal operations resume in the future. Let us help you make the best decisions now for the future of your business. Contact our experienced team today.

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