Trademarks and service marks are valuable assets of a company that serve to immediately identify the source and quality of its products or services and distinguish them from the products and services of others. Trademarks and service marks, in many instances, are a company’s most important property and should be protected and enhanced through proper use, registration and enforcement.

Boyer Law Firm provides advice on a full range of trademark and service mark law, including:

  • Assisting clients with trademark and logo selection
  • Conducting clearance searches and advising on the probable availability of trademarks for use and registration
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting applications for registration
  • Internet domain name disputes
  • Licensing watch services and assignments
  • Foreign trademark filing and prosecution
  • Managing U.S. and international trademark portfolios
  • Enforcing trademark and providing courtroom representation in all aspects of trademark, trade dress, dilution, and unfair competition law
  • Representing small and large companies in all areas of commerce