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What To Do If You Are Injured on a Cruise Ship

What To Do If You Are Injured on a Cruise Ship: Many people are injured every year on cruise ships. Many of those people are unaware of how to take proper legal action. Do not let yourself be one of those people. One of the most common mistakes passengers of cruise ships make is that they do not know how long they have to file suit. Most cruise lines have their own statute of limitations of one year in small print located on the back of ticket. If someone injured on a cruise ship fails to file suit against the cruise line within one year from the date of the accident, they will be unable to recover from the cruise line. The other common problem people have is that they do not know where to file suit. Most often, this information is also located on the back of the ticket in small print. Because Miami, Florida has the world’s largest cruise ship port, many cruise lines state that any person who wishes to take action against them must file in Florida, and particularly in Miami. If a person is injured on a cruise ship and files in another location, they risk dismissal of the case for improper venue and they risk the running of the statute of limitations.

If you receive an injury on a cruise ship, you should do as many of the following as possible. Get contact information from all witnesses. Take a picture of your injuries and the area where the injury occurred as soon as possible. Report the incident to the proper authorities on the ship and make sure to get a written copy of any report they make. Seek treatment from the ship’s physician on board and try to get a copy of his report and try to see a physician on shore the next time the ship docks.
The most important thing to do as a victim of a cruise ship injury is to seek the assistance of an attorney with knowledge and experience of maritime law. Boyer Law Firm will be happy to assist you in these matters as we are fully equipped to handle these issues. The laws that generally governs cruise ships is maritime law, but cruise ships also have special maritime law that apply only to cruise ships. They can also be subject to laws of the United States, the state of Florida, and any applicable international treaties. Because there is such an array of laws applicable to cruise ships it is important to receive the assistance of an attorney that is able to navigate all applicable laws.  Please contact us with any further questions.


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