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Many Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs in Jacksonville

Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs in JacksonvilleThere are some people who think that in order to start a successful business you have to move somewhere like New York or Silicon Valley, but that is not the case; there are many business opportunities and resources in Jacksonville, Florida.

Florida is a very business-friendly state, and Jacksonville is quickly becoming one of the big cities of the South, especially when it comes to business.

The University of North Florida, located in Jacksonville, held a leadership conference for its students on Friday, and one of the main themes of the event was the many opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Jacksonville.

Elton Rivas, Co-Founder of One Spark, was the keynote speaker of the event. One Spark is a competition held in downtown Jacksonville in which inventors and entrepreneurs compete for a chance to win $300,000 in crowd funding to capitalize their business. The last event had more than 150,000 attendees.

Rivas spoke of how he has become more successful staying in Jacksonville than he would have been had he gone out to Silicon Valley to start a business or join the corporate world. He encouraged the participants of the event to not be afraid, take a chance, and start a business, and he emphasized this point with the quote, “Fears are stories you tell yourself.”

In addition to becoming a large city, there are many business networking groups and opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Jacksonville that offer guidance and support in starting a new business. If you are interested in taking advantage of Jacksonville’s business climate and starting a business, contact Boyer Law Firm’s business law attorneys today.

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