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Miami’s Gold Industry is Booming

Miami’s Gold Industry | Miami International Business Law AttorneyMiami’s gold industry is booming! More gold arrived in Miami than any other US customs district last year, and it was the third for outbound shipments of gold. Gold was both the top import and export in Miami last year, for the first time.

In 2009, Miami’s total gold imports totaled $2.14 billion. Last year, that number skyrocketed to $7.25 billion, not counting scrap gold and gold plated jewelry, which brings the total to $8.8 billion.

The gold comes from mines in Columbia, Mexico, Bolivia and Peru, goes through Miami and then goes on to Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the Dominican Republic. South Florida is home to one of the largest precious metal refineries and it is also a hub for bullion trading, assaying, refining, logistics, and financing operations regarding gold and other precious metals.

Most companies in Miami’s gold industry are small or family businesses because it is important to keep a low profile when dealing in this industry due to the tremendous value of gold and other precious metals. If you are interested in joining Miami’s gold industry, contact Boyer Law Firm today.


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