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Neglected Tenant Receives Well Deserved Award

Neglected Tenant Receives Well Deserved Award: We would like to announce the successful representation of a recent client, Tenant. Tenant was renting a home in which a pipe burst. Upon notifying the Landlord that a pipe had burst, Landlord instructed Tenant to have a company come and fix the pipe in order to mitigate the damage to the home. In most instances, when a renter needs something repaired, it is normally paid for by the Landlord or rental company. However, in this case when the company sent the bill it was sent to Tenant. In representing Tenant, we conducted an investigation of the facts surrounding the circumstances, had witnesses sign affidavits which stated facts they knew to be true, and attended a court hearing. After the court hearing, the demand against our client, Tenant, to pay for the repairs was dismissed. After using our services to protect her interests, Tenant paid nothing for the repair of the pipe in her rental home. Contact us today if you have any questions about your rental agreement or purchase agreement!

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