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New Nonimmigrant Visa Issuing Procedures

New Nonimmigrant Visa Issuing Procedures
The Department of State Final Rule: New Procedures for Issuing Nonimmigrant Visas

On November 2, 2015, the Department of State issued its final rule, which created new nonimmigrant visa issuing procedures. It updated its regulations regarding nonimmigrant visa format and records retention procedures. Before, 22 CFR §41.114 provided for a nonimmigrant visa stamp to be placed in the foreign national’s passport. The Department of State amended this regulation in light of the current practice of issuing machine-readable visas on adhesive foils that are attached to passports. This is also in light of a plan to issue nonimmigrant visas as electronic visas. The regulation has also been amended to remove procedures regarding visa review and file retention instructions found in the Foreign Affairs Manual.

For more information about the final rule and the effects it may have if you are interested in obtaining a nonimmigrant visa, please contact Boyer Law Firm today.

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