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Non-English Speaking Pro Se Litigants

Recently in some states, challenges facing non-English speakers are increasing in number as lawmakers are enacting English-only laws, justifying them by citing the expense of providing services to non-English speakers.  These laws affect areas as diverse as document production, proof of permanent resident status, housing codes (regarding the number of permitted inhabitants) and the search for valid employment.

One area in particular where this may be felt is legal representation, especially for pro se litigants, or those persons who decide to represent themselves.  Nearly 50% of non-English speaking pro se litigants do not have a translator.  Such litigants are forced to complete complex paperwork under strict deadlines, file motions with the court and understand complex legal jargon without the proper instruction or required understanding of the language.

At Boyer Law Firm, our firms attorneys and staff speak numerous different languages and may be able to help you in these situations, please contact us to see if we can help.

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