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Owning a Restaurant in Florida: Customer Pet Peeves Part 2

restaurant in FloridaOn the previous blog, we began to list the top customer pet peeves when they eat at restaurants. If you are an owner or manager of a restaurant in Florida or elsewhere, then you should consider how to correct the following pet peeves:

7. Over-affectionate couples. Managers should address these couples in a prudent and professional manner. It may be a little uncomfortable to have to tell a couple they are being too affectionate, but it is much more uncomfortable for the patrons in your restaurant to watch.

6. Menu Typos. This shows laziness and lack of attention to detail. One comedic example comes from the popular show “The Big Bang Theory” in which one of the main characters, Sheldon, made the friends leave an Italian restaurant because the menu said “Mobster Sauce” instead of “Lobster Sauce,” and the eccentric character thought the sauce was made out of Mobsters.

5. An unexplained wait. It is expected that restaurants will have a wait sometimes, however, if you have open tables or a section that is closed, you should explain this to the customer so that they are not looking at the empty tables and wondering why they are not sitting at them.

4. No substitutions. Even if you have an upcharge, you need to accommodate for allergies, diets, and picky eaters. Make the customer happy.

3. Fast Food. Food should come in courses. Don’t bring out the main course when the patron is still eating their salad unless they specifically ask you. Customers should not feel like the server is trying to get them in and out in order to “flip tables.”

2. Slow Service. Although the food should come out in courses, customers also should not be kept waiting. Their drink order should be taken within a couple minutes of them being seated, their drinks should never be empty, and courses should be brought out within a reasonable amount of time between each other.

1. Unsupervised and Unruly Kids. They can be worse than an unruly customer and an over-affectionate couple combined! Additionally, unsupervised children can cause damage to your restaurant and could bother your other customers in numerous ways. Although your restaurant should accommodate children, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they behave. Do not approach the child; approach the parent.

If you are the owner of a restaurant in Florida, then take some time to see which, if any, of these pet peeves reply to your restaurant. If you are interested in opening a restaurant in Florida or currently run a restaurant in Florida and need a business attorney, then contact Boyer Law Firm today!

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