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People to Avoid When Starting a New Business

A new business, like a new baby, is constantly growing and needs proper care. One of the things you must think about when starting a business is the people you work with and surround yourself in to conduct that business. These people include employees, vendors, CPA, attorneys, and other professionals.

There are 10 types of people to avoid when starting a new business, according to Entrepreneur Magazine:

  1. People to Avoid When Starting a New BusinessTHE SIREN: Similar to the Sirens in Greek mythology who lured sailors to their death, a siren in business is someone who seems amazing and enticing, but is a distraction for you as a business owner.
  2. THE GOAT: Goats are very charismatic and seem to get away with anything. However, they use their strengths in devious ways and have a tendency to force those around them to make bad business decisions.
  3. THE ELEPHANT (in the room): Like the elephant in the room, an elephant will never let you forget those passed mistakes. They will keep harping on them instead of learning and moving on.
  4. THE HATER: A hater is someone who wants to be on top by dragging everyone else down below them.
  5. THE NARCISSIST: Narcissists are obsessed with themselves and are bad at taking team-oriented action. They also value a business’ image over its reputation.
  6. THE NEMESIS: If you have to work with someone who you can’t stand (a nemesis), then try to use that person to learn about yourself.
  7. THE ARES: Another from Greek Mythology. Ares-type people love conflict and are addicted to drama and winning at all costs, even if there is nothing to be won.
  8. THE DIONYSUS: The Greek god of wine, parties, and pleasure. Enough said.
  9. THE BLACK CAT: A black cat is unlucky, negative, always depressed, and has a dark cloud following them everywhere they go.
  10. THE FAT CAT: The fat cat are usually investors with a lot of money who want to control your company and make money off you.

It is important to properly analyze the people you work with and the people to avoid when starting a new business. If you are interested in starting a new business or if you are currently in business and need legal assistance, then contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. today.

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