Unlike some Florida State Courts where only certain types of cases require electronic filing of documents, the Federal Courts (both Bankruptcy Courts  and the U. S. District Courts ) require it for all cases.

The process is similar to the step by step of a Florida civil litigation case, however there are some differences:

A case is commenced by filing electronically via the court’s electronic case filing system (ECF) and serving a complaint on the Defendant(s). The step by step process as discussed in the Florida Civil Litigation is similar to the Federal process.

However, a main difference occurs when selecting a jury. Unlike in Florida, where attorneys engage in voir dire by asking a panel of prospective jurors questions to find out if a particular potential juror is someone the attorney wants on the jury, in the Federal System the potential jurors  are provided with an extensive questionnaire provided by the court. Thus, unlike Florida State Courts, the attorney’s role in jury selection in Federal Courts is severely limited.

Above are just some of the main reasons you should hire a federal civil litigation attorney, as they are knowledgeable on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the federal case process.