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Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney

Questions to Ask When Hiring an AttorneyNext time you have a legal problem, hit the ground running with these questions to ask when hiring an attorney.

Does this attorney have experience helping clients with similar legal problems?

Many clients find themselves hiring an attorney to review contracts or to file for a visa without asking whether these are practice areas that the attorney has experience with.

Unfortunately, many attorneys will take advantage of your good will and not tell you if they have limited experience in a certain field. At Boyer Law Firm, we are transparent about what areas we practice. Feel free to ask about your particular legal issue and what kind of positive results we have achieved for former clients.

How much does it cost?

A lot of clients shy away from this important question because they don’t want to appear cheap or offensive. Contrary to these popular notions, it is imperative you ask your attorney how much are their fees or whether they charge a flat rate. Also ask if the attorney offers any special fee arrangements.

The last thing you or your attorney want is to waste time working on a case only to find out you can’t agree on a price. Get this issue out of the way early, and don’t be shy about negotiating or asking about ways to lower your cost. It never hurts to ask.

Are the fees tax deductible?

It may come as a surprise, but many attorneys fees are tax deductible. Before you start ringing up your legal bill, ask if your attorney’s fees qualify.

Here are some popular tax-deductible services we offer:

  • Contract review and contract drafting
  • Real estate closing for a business
  • Business planning sessions
  • Immigration services for a company or business owner

If you have any questions about this article or would like to set up a free initial consultation, contact one of our experienced attorneys today!

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