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Relocating to Florida

Relocating to FloridaNorthrup Grumman Corp. has filed plans for its $80 million Hawkeye manufacturing plant, which is expected to create 400 jobs in Northeast Florida, and they are not the only company that is creating jobs. As a result of these new jobs, many people are relocating to Florida from other states and countries.

Relocating to Florida can be a real headache if you don’t have someone to help you. The first thing that should pop into your mind is finding a place to live. Boyer Law Firm’s real estate attorneys can give you piece of mind through this process from finding a house, all the way through the closing. We have purchased many homes for both domestic and international clients, so we are experts in managing situations in which the client cannot be present at our office.

The next thing that people usually don’t think about when relocating to Florida is Estate Planning. Even if you have drafted a Will and other Estate Planning documents in another state, they may not be acknowledged in Florida. Florida may require certain things, such as witnesses and notarization that another state did not when you drafted your Will.

Taxes may also differ when you cross state lines. By scheduling a planning meeting with Attorney Boyer, he can explain to you the difference in the laws and answer any questions you may have.

So no matter what reason you are relocating to Florida, contact Boyer Law Firm today to help you with your real estate, estate planning, tax needs, and more today!

Welcome To Florida!

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