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Return Policy Contract: Does Your Business Have One?

Return policy contractNow that Christmas is over, it is time for the tradition of returning the gifts you didn’t like. In Canada, this trend is so popular that they even have a holiday for it: the day after Christmas is called “boxing day.”

UPS plans to ship over 4 million return packages this year, according to the Jacksonville Business Journal.

If you are the owner of a Florida business, whether it be a retail business, a restaurant, or any other type of business which deals in transactions, you need to prepare for the instance when a client or customer will want to return a product.

If you are making transactions on a larger scale, and especially if you are engaging in B2B transactions, it is important that the contract you have with your client or customer outlines your return policy in a clear manner that is consistent with the method in which you want to conduct business. Having a return policy properly outlined in a contract can prevent costly litigation in the event of an unsatisfied customer.

A return policy contract can be tricky to enact because you need to find the balance between making your customers happy while protecting the profits of your company.

If your business does not have this type of contract, or if you are unsure of other contracts that may be essential to conducting your Florida business, then contact Boyer Law Firm today to see how we can assist you.

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