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Social Media Survival for Businesses

Social Media Survival for BusinessesHow to survive the tweets, notifications, and pings…

As we all are infinitely aware, social media is a growing presence that is not going anywhere. Now, how do we manage the risk involved when we are trying to grow our business? Lately, we’ve seen tweets cause international turmoil, much less what it can do to your business.

Seventy-one percent (71%) of small businesses plan on using social media to get the word out about their brand. While it is a cost effective, interactive solution to get your name out in the population, we must remain ever-cognizant of the fact that customers have more power than ever. They can review your business on any number of sites—yelp, google, trip advisor, etc. One bad review can cause a whole slew of damage to your reputation. A simple post on your Facebook page can create a fury of responses that could cause more damage than ever before. It is important that you respond to these negative comments as quickly as possible. A response to have them interact with you separately a private communication can be effective. Do not delete the post, as that will create more issues for you. Just offer a way to compensate the person in a personal message and do not be afraid to ask them to take down the post.

Social media can also mean the release of confidential information. This means that you must be vigilant to make sure your team is aware of what is confidential, so your proprietary information is not being released to the public.

 The return on the investment of social media can be difficult to track. There are tools, like Hoot Suite, Google Analytics, etc.,  that can help you measure the effectiveness of your posts. You can see how frequently your followers engage with a post, but that still does not carry over to conversions.

Social media posting can be time consuming and with the added difficulty of not being able to track the conversion to sales, it makes social media cumbersome marketing activity. Also, making a mistake or having something posted that is incorrect, is even harder to correct on social media as it reaches audiences so quickly that taking back those words can be treacherous.

These days it is necessary to have a social media policy for your employees to follow as well so that they are keeping their posts appropriate and not misrepresenting your business. Social media is a tricky endeavor and adding employees’ inappropriate posts can only make things more challenging.

Be vigilant and careful with social media, and remember to create the policies and procedures to protect your small business.

Contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. if you feel your business has been falsely represented in social media and suffered harm.

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