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Starting a Florida Small Business Requires Funding and Planning

Starting a Florida Small BusinessThe Small Business Association (SBA) is processing small business loans again now that the government shutdown is over. SBA is one of the many Florida agencies that offer funding to entrepreneurs who are starting a Florida small business.

Funding is very important when it comes to starting a Florida small business, but planning is equally as important. You want to start your business on a solid foundation, starting with how you incorporate your business.

Although there are many websites available that advertise “cheap incorporation,” they are not worth the money you pay because you are not getting the advice you need. For example, should you setup a C-corp or S-corp? What are the differences? What are the tax implications? These are all questions that our business incorporation lawyers will be able to discuss with you so that you can determine what is right for your business.

Once you have incorporated your business, Boyer Law Firm can also assist you with registered agent services, commercial real estate, business planning, preventative business law, and more, so contact us today about starting a Florida small business.

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